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Managing a trucking fleet is challenging, especially when it comes to controlling fuel expenses. With fluctuating fuel prices and limited access to discounts, many trucking companies struggle to keep their fuel costs under control. Inefficiencies in fuel management can lead to wasted time and money, ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Imagine the frustration of watching your hard-earned profits evaporate at the pump, knowing that every dollar spent on fuel could have been saved or invested back into your business. It’s a constant battle to find the best fuel prices while keeping your fleet running smoothly. The stress of unpredictable fuel costs can feel overwhelming, making it difficult to stay competitive in the industry.

Take Control of Your Fuel Costs with Our Fuel Cards

Our fuel cards are designed specifically for trucking companies, providing a seamless way to manage and reduce your fuel expenses. With access to an extensive network of over 2,600 fuel stations, our fuel cards offer consistent discounts and detailed reporting to help you optimize your fuel usage.

Significant Savings

Enjoy an average savings of 25¢ per gallon, directly impacting your bottom line.

Flexible Credit Lines

Benefit from generous credit lines of up to $3,200 per truck, per week, providing the financial flexibility you need.

Convenient Access

Use your fuel card at thousands of fuel stations nationwide, ensuring your drivers are always covered.

Streamlined Management

Simplify your fuel expense management with easy-to-use tools and support, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Detailed Reporting

Gain insights into your fuel consumption with comprehensive reports, helping you identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

Enhanced Security

Protect your fleet with advanced security features, including real-time monitoring and fraud prevention measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A fuel card is a payment card specifically designed for fueling vehicles. It allows trucking companies to purchase fuel at participating stations, often at discounted rates. The card can be used just like a credit card, but it comes with additional features such as detailed reporting, spending controls, and security measures.

Our fuel card can be used at over 2,600 participating fuel stations nationwide. This extensive network ensures that your drivers have convenient access to fuel wherever they are on the road.

On average, our fuel card users save 25¢ per gallon. This can add up to significant savings over time, especially for large fleets.

The fuel card offers comprehensive reporting features, including transaction details, fuel consumption data, and spending summaries. These reports help you monitor and manage fuel usage more effectively.

Yes, our fuel cards come with flexible credit lines of up to $3,200 per truck, per week. This helps ensure that your drivers have the funds they need while giving you control over expenses.

Our fuel card includes advanced security features such as real-time transaction monitoring, fraud detection, and customizable spending limits. These measures help protect your fleet from unauthorized use and potential fraud.

Yes, you can manage your fuel card account through our user-friendly online portal. This allows you to view transactions, generate reports, set spending limits, and more, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

If a fuel card is lost or stolen, it can be quickly deactivated through our online portal or by contacting our customer support team. A replacement card will be issued promptly to minimize any disruptions.

Applying for a fuel card is simple. You can fill out our online application form, and our team will review your information and get back to you with the next steps. Once approved, you’ll receive your fuel cards and can start saving immediately.

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